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Hello, just wanted to ask, if I register my property on booking.com, how long does it take for the property to appear on the main Booking.com page for guests?


It doesn't take too long.  But there is a verification process so not instant. 



Hi Justas Vieversys


The moment you can logon to the extranet and see things like Rates & Availability menu, and can set rate plans and add rooms, is usually when a guest can book.


So the typically mistake new partners make is not realising that and then a booking comes in and you are not even finished configuring the Extranet.


So the moment you can see that first menu, and have added a room type, set the availability to 0 or status to closed for x weeks/months , to give you a chance to get all the basics setup and configured.


Go to Help - all the various guides by BdC are located here.


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