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1 does not respond to messages

I am wondering if other people have had a similar experience. I joined a couple of months ago or so and had my first bookings. At first would respond to my written messages, but now for the past few weeks it has stopped responding to my messages. I prefer to write rather than to phone. Has anyone else had this problem with

I have had to request a code a few times to confirm the address of my property, but the code has never arrived each time after a couple of weeks. When I write to, no one responds.

Some people are also booking over a year ahead. There is nowhere in the system that I can use the 'maximum advance reservation'  feature so that I can set an advance booking limit of three months ahead of time. Does anyone know how to set up this feature without having to phone (since it is not responding to my messages)? People can book a year ahead of time and then cancel up to a month before the reservation without penalty. This is not really fair to the accommodation host, so I want to change this advance reservation period to a few months, but I can only find the 'minimum advance reservation feature', which I have to one day.

Jason Wright

I also never get a reply and the errors are piling up. I´m considering leaving booking due to there total lack of customer service.I´d call but it´s a 20min bus ride to the nearest place to make international calls.