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I found out the new experiences (tours) offered by booking.com to your guests. We are offering nice and high rated tours and experiences for tourists in Amsterdam (via amsterdamexperiences.nl). Who to contact to add our tours at booking experiences. I can't find a place or option at the website.  Who can help?

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Leandri Klopper

Hey Stephan,

This is probably the third post today about Tours on Booking.com that I see. Is it a new thing? I can't find Any information on it other than the tab that shows on Booking.com's website. 

Perhaps if you find out, you can post it here so that we can all know?

Thanks and keep well.

1 year ago
Relax with Patio

I am interesting also to offer experiences in Córdoba. Please, let me know! !!

1 year ago
Carlos Pitta

I am interested in offering experiences in Athens, Greece. Would like to know how can I upload our activities in Booking.com? Thanks

11 months ago
Community Admin

Hello Carlos Pitta! Thank you for posting in the Community! Below you will find a link of the official attractions page:


On the bottom of this page you will find the option "Attractions help centre". Please send us a message through that inbox and a dedicated team will contact you for further instructions.

Best of luck!

11 months ago

Hi Community Admin:

It appears that if we try to use that message box we need to have a reservation number.  Can you advise?


10 months ago