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Booking,com not user friendly

I have just joined

I have the following gripes.

It is not userfriendly

It is difficult to get assistance/help

I have only property and now have three sites as a result of fact I cannot delete one. I cannot delete the additional ones.

I have been listening since end of March


I have been getting continuous booking from non pitching and non communicative clients.

I was booked via Agoda and Airbnb fortunately most of time but the guests had a few slots and then did not arrive.


I did not show them all as no show, neither did they cancel.

They have obviously not paid. have invoiced me......

I am not going to pay for services that did not pay me as it was not rendered.

I have been unable to get contact from anyone at bookingcom


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Woah! Multiple headaches there.

It all depends on which site you start on I think. For me that was BDC and I view it as the best. Don't mention Agoda at my place....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

As far as multiple sites is concerned that will be your error and you will need to get BDC to close the extra listings for you. In the meantime, close all rooms on the wrong listings and upload a MAIN PHOTO with information on it to redirect viewers to the correct listing.

Contact with BDC is via extranet messaging or a phone number listed in that section. You will need to persevere to get replies if non have been forthcoming thus far.

Non arrivals = "No Shows", you must mark every such no show on their individual reservation page, if you can charge them (according to your policies) then mark the no show as "do not waive charges", if you cannot get funds mark the no show as "waive charges". The latter will cancel the booking and BDC will not charge commission.

If you really fail to get any response from BDC put all your prices up with them, this will make them contact you because of "non-parity".

You will also need to change your policies to discourage "idiots" aka false bookings. This will entail non-refundable pre-payments or deposits with the booking. If cannot have an off-line credit card machine then set up BDC to take payments for you (they pay you on the 15th of every month for all check-outs in the previous month).

For the existing invoice(s) you will need to appeal to BDC that you were unaware, as a new user, of the requirement to report no-shows. It is my experience, echoed here, that they will cancel these charges in good will on the first occasion but will charge if you omit reporting again.

I hope that helps.

5 months ago