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1 partner been waiting for 50 minutes to speak to someone at the finance department

my b and b is not set up correctly and is saying we are closed . cant log in because it want pin codes and have now been waiting to speak to someone for 50 min . i cant do anything because it wants verification pin codes and will not send anything to a device i can use . very frustrating as i have better things to do than wait about for nearly an hour . It shouldn't take this long to speak to someone especially as i am a partner . 

M Adamopoulou

Dear partner, so sorry to hear your struggles.

Have you checked your inbox tab in your Extranet....maybe your code is in there.

Wish you all the best.




Do you have the pulse app installed on your smart phone?


It can give you a one time verify code.


If not you need to know your property propertyid and get back on phone, and queue.


Alternatively try using forgot my password on logon screen extranet, enter email address and follow the steps

Community Admin

Dear Bude Haven Guest House than you for sharing with the Community.

Pin number is needed when there are very sensitive information (Credit card-Log in access, i.e) and our agents cannot disclose it, if first the primary contact is not contacted back.

We think that in this case, your phone number is not yet listed under the Extranet account, therefore the loop is created, since you call but you can't be contacted back.

If you are making a change of ownership it is just matter of time, since our Financial department need to remove the old account and create a new one.