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Bookings without consultation

Hi I am finding your sight "bookings .com" impossible to manage The booking your company is sending are from  overseas places and they have no intention of turning up. The one now is from china, and wants it in one day from when your company has advised me of the booking.  The house is already booked by me { a return guest}  I feel that the poor structure of your sight and the fact that most of your clients are from overseas. I wish to terminate my dealigs with you as this booking will result in a further no show as was the last one from france Saving us both time and frustration ,with constant no show guest and attempts buy your company to get the booking fee

peter godwin 

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Laura, Communi… 4 years ago

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your post.

This is a space for partners to share their expertise with others. Since this isn't something that fellow partners can help you with, please visit this Partner Help Center article How can I end my partnership with for more information.

Good luck with everything!

- Laura and the Communities Team

Lindasvacations 3 years ago

I agree with your comment, Peter. Last week I lost a prime season week for which I could have rented multiplied re quests. The guest assigned to my unit was from Russia, made a reservation for two of my weeks and never answered multiple messages I sent and calls from staff. He did not pay nor did he let me know he wasn’t interested. He didn’t show. Here is the closer. did not even get a charge card on file so I have no recourse to get anything. This was my first month on and I ended up losing my costs let alone the profit I expected. I can’t request I contacted and found they could do nothing. i feel that a company is so big and handling big money and getting a lot of money for matching owners and guests should be responsible in some way for guests that are just deadbeats. By the way even though i asked to cancel the reservation, I was told that I couldn’t do so once the person was assigned. Next time if I get bad feeling about the guest, I will just rent my unit to someone else and take the heat if he shows up. I am not in this for jerks screw people.

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

I think you have the right to cancel if the guests don't answer. It is actually a good idea to get in touch before they arrive. welcome them, you could ask for instance: Do you know how to get to us, (when far away) Or any dietary wishes, so you can plan ahead.

Airbnb uses this as well, and I like it. It takes out a lot of risks.

Also, you could arrange in your settings to have people pay before they arrive. Or at least a deposit. That way they won't cancel that quick.

If people don't answer after a week and you tried and tried, (and you still have time left before penalty time arrives) you can cancel. At least I would. And I wouldn't feel guilty.

Lindasvacations 3 years ago

Thanks Aaltje, I sent the renter seven messages, first welcoming, second more info on resort, requests for payment before arriving, emails asking if he has any questions for me etc. i called three time and the tried to contact renter to no avai

I sent Paypal invoice and request to pay. My unit was unrefundable, so I thought would just charge his charge card if he didn’t pay. All to no avail. Since I am new to, I can not demand payment before or place restrictions on cancellation for my property. I guess it will have to be a learning moment, but it has bummed me. linda