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Breakfast options

 Hello, I've just joined and I'm having some problems describing my property and amenities. I find it easier with Airbnb as it allows you to use your own words. One of the problems is letting my future guests know what food they can expect to get available. We don't serve breakfast (my property is not registered as food business), but we do offer all kind of home made products - jams, meat, cheese, fresh eggs, vinegar, herbs, vegetables, in addition to the food and drinks that we buy for our guests - bread, milk, oil, salt, pepper, fruit juice. It's all for free, available in their private kitchen. How can I specify this type of offer? "We don't serve breakfast" would be incorrect, "we serve breakfast" does not correspond exactly to what we offer. Any suggestions?


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Torrdarach 4 years ago

It would be fantastic if BDC would let people explain their amenities instead of using these terrible drop down choices where half of the options that we have are missing. Please BDC listen to what people are writing on this Forum and offer them a solution!

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi there,

That sounds really interesting!

Perhaps you can make use of the Fine Print section to describe your breakfast? Maybe just ask's advise on this. Go to your extranet, Inbox -> message.

Hope this helps, maybe let us know what you could figure out!

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Thuild - Your … 4 years ago

Dear Majda,

This is somewhat the situation that we have.

We serve a gourmet breakfast from a menu, which needs to be ordered the night before. Explaining this was pretty hard so what we did was to call each guest the day of arrival to ask them about their arrival time. If they arrive later than we need the order t be made, we simply send them the menu by sms/e-mail. It works perfectly and everyone is happy.

People don't really read much, therefore having it in the Fine Print might not work out for you. We send a personal message to all bookers and guess what; they seldom read it.

For the option that is displayed, you can set it up like this:

Best regards,

Zsolt -

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cassid 3 years ago

I would say nothing and when they arrive it will be nice surprise or put it in your email to guests.

I have gone to hotels with stayed in lodges and got a lovely welcome basket, I remember and appreciate that.

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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Welcome to the conversation cassid :-P

I see 5 months ago I was still under the impression that the Fine Print was the Best wayfor us to communicate important things to the clients. Sadly not.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

I like surprises also like cassid. Some years ago I arrived in a ski resort hotel very late in the evening. Since I’ve missed dinner they gave me a welcome basket with sandwiches, small bottles of wine, fresh fruits and pastries.
It was a beautiful surprise for me, I highly appreciate it and still remember it. My stay had started in such a nice way.
In my Studio I also have all kinds of goodies although I don’t serve breakfast. When searching in the website there is a sign “food and drink “ so I think that covers me somehow.

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TT 3 years ago

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