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Is really worth it? I have had over 300 guests via AirBnB and the experience has been so far very disappointing. Let me list the problems.

1. No ability to review guests or get an inaccurate bad review removed.

2. The calendar does not synchronize in real time with other calendars.

3. No instant messaging.

4. One month delay in payments.

5. New properties are put at the tail end of the search results. It takes forever to get established if you are already doing a thriving business on other sites like AirBnB.

6. Partner support is pretty much a pack of drones that simply repeat policy. In contrast, I have had conversations with AirBnB support where they actually listened and even acknowledged problems.

7. The interface sucks and does not integrate well with many web browsers.

My properties are top notch. Here is one example:…. does have a more affluent customer base than AirBnB. It also a better rating system (1-10 sharply reduces grade inflation). But the disadvantages are not insignificant. Support is weak, management arrogant, the interface is an embarrassment for a company of this size, partners are always sacrificed in favor of guests, payment is ridiculously slow ....









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BrookAve 2 years ago


It is what it is.


Realistically managing better expectations would be better and simply be smart about how much of those things are setup and handled .


There is no one solution fits all, PRos V Cons, etc.



Rodbeck1 2 years ago



Your response is barely intelligible. I suggest you edit it. Certainly my criticisms are accurate. And yes, my properties are top rated on 10.0, 9.3, and 9.9.