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Calendar doesn't open. Facing: Rate closed: Open at least one rate plan


I have my calendar in sync with my Airbnb host account. Everything seems to be working fine, but some of the dates when gets available in the Airbnb, and I sync my calendar, the blocking changes from "Airbnb" to "Rate closed". I'm struggling trying to open up those dates, but I can't figure out what is going on.

It says: "rate closed: Open at least one rate plan", but how do I do that? I've already explored all available option, I don't see anyway to get those dates available... 

Could anyone help, please? 




Rate Plans on Extranet are located under the first menu - Rates & Availability.


Check the Calendar in List view too

Loch Nua Holdi…

I'm in the same boat - please help. All of my dates are 'Closed' on despite me opening the relevant rate plans many many times. They appear as open on the calendar for a little while and then revert to being closed again. I cant figure out what the problem is?? 

Can anyone please help?





The are two different settings:

  • Open/Closed
  • Available Count of rooms per Room type
  • Open Calendar in List view and for each room type you have setup , review these along with a rate plan value for dates.


If you are still struggling please contact BdC support team directly by phone only.

.SeeGuide Below



Kind regards


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Quarry Ridge B&B

I am also trying the last hour to open all rooms on the calendar and no matter what I change and save it keeps telling me open at least one rate plan- I have done this in the bulk edit section for each room but it will still not open any dates on the calendar. Is this a fault or am I doing something wrong?



it keeps telling me open at least one rate plan


Under Rate & availability menu, do you really have at least one rate plan created , a min stay set and mapped to a room type?



Loch Nua Holdi…

Hi there - I finally resolved my issue and it was that I hadn't mapped the rooms across to Booking.Com on my own PMS. They had all been mapped previously but for some reason, with all the changes with Covid, the codes at some stage were removed from the mapping section. If you have your own PMS, that may be the issue. 

Hope it helps.