Calendar sync

I dont know To syn booking .com To airbnb calendar. How?

Don Burns

There is no calendar synchronization among Booking,com, Expedia and Airbnb, as I have all three.


But Airbnb does sync its calendar with TripAdvisor.


You must manually block your reservation dates on those other calendars to prevent double-bookings.



Isle of Wight …

Some properties on Booking.com have a page for Calendar Sync, others don't. Even if it is there, the Booking.com calendar system is broken and will not sync properly with other OTAs like AirBnb / TripAdvisor. Block manually. I don't know if it's any better with a Channel Manager - I have developed my own software to work like a Channel Manager and mostly works ok, although sometimes Booking.com still sends no data ....


My CM works properly, syncing is instant. Got overbooked once in three years because I received a lastminute booking for last available room from bdc and airbnb a the same exact time (high season, big demand). which is like hitting a lottery. also heard the news that AirBnB now uses only API integration and no iCal syncing. Meaning CM is basicly the only solution, or doing it manually..

Isle of Wight …

API integration will help to standardise data formats ... my own system is written in PHP (used to do this stuff for a living) ... and if you know any PHP, there are different ways of retrieving the calendar data using file_get_contents or cURL, depending on the OTA you are retrieving data from ... try one method, if no luck, try the other ... and the data provided will vary between OTAs ... BDC supplies only "CLOSED" while AirBnB lists number of guests and more ... and works fine, providing the OTA provides data ... sometimes, BDC has been known to combine back-to-back bookings into one single booking in the calendar data ... and sometimes BDC sends nothing ... Channel Managers will get the same problem with BDC data ... so we need to store the data and update it each time we request it ... and if no data received, check again frequently until we get data ... whichever method of data retrieval we use, the OTA actually needs to provide correct data in the first place ....