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Calendar sync

Hi everybody,


I am a new owner on Booking and I am also publishing my property on other platform.

I just received a booking from air bnb and when I went on Booking it did not appear. Of course I went through the all process, when I first published my house, of importing and exporting calendar. So it should be automatical.

I just read that it did not always happened in real time but what does this mean ? does it mean that the time the calendar of booking updates somebody can come and make a double booking on this website?? I am a bit worried about having a double booking...anyone with more experience than me would be able to help me with that??


Thanks in advance.



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BrookAve 1 year ago


yep thats correct, and will until you either manually block the opposite calendar or setup a channel manager



Ingrid Saiz 1 year ago

Ok thank you, we'll that is a bit of a problem.

Do you know if you can sync on a phone? I did not find the way to do it...