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Let me begin by giving you a background into my situation, last July (2017) i started letting out my apartments in Belfast as short term lettings through another big platform, its going ok but i want to use the platform to take bookings also (hopefully meaning less vacant nights) 

I tried to register my property OVER 8 months ago but made a mistake somewhere in the registration and was unable to access the extranet. i do not know how or why but for some reason my account is now disabled? 

I have tried to register the property MULTIPLE times using the CORRECT address and contact details but the original account was disabled meaning that no matter how many times i put in the correct details i cannot get access to that accounts extranet, even again tonight i tried to register my apartments under the correct address and again it will not work.

I tried ringing the customer help lines who always told me that they couldn't help with this issue and that someone in the local office would be able to help, then they gave me a number for what was / is supposed to be local offices for Belfast, in Edinburgh, i rang this number 100s of times (no exaggeration) but it only goes to voice mail, and when i leave a message no one ever returns my calls... 

So at this point:
1. I couldn't access my account through extranet 
2. I couldn't get help in the call centres
3. I couldn't get help from the "Local office / voice mail"

So i was left with no other alternative but to try to register the property under a different house number, for example No.4 instead of No.2 just so that i could get access to extranet to find out what is going on with what should be my main account.

After weeks upon weeks of sending messages back and forth I was finally put forward to quality review who requested that i send in some evidence i.e. bills, photos of building etc 

I then sent that information to quality review who didn't come back to me for 2 more weeks. and then they said:

"We have verified the details that you have entered in the registration process. The information in this registration was not considered valid." 

The reason why i entered an invalid address was because i had absolutely no way of getting in contact with my local office and the people that answered the phones in the call centres "did not have access to that system" 

I needed to get access to extranet to send messages so that i could find out, what was going on or why i couldn't list my property? but no one has ever been able to answer that question for me i have been operating on other platforms for 10 months now i have also had the local Governing body at the premises to inspect the apartments and they gave me a certificate to state that it was allowed to be used for tourist accommodation.  

So i have all of the boxes ticked in terms of what need to create an account but they wont let me and they wont give me a valid reason as to why. 


Has anyone else here ever experienced this problem or can anyone with ANY insight help me out because after months and months of going around in circles I'm about to bang my head against a wall because i am no further forward 


Any and all comments are welcome 

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Thuild - Your … 4 years ago

Dear Eglishproperty1 ,

I get what you're saying.

So if you can access this forum, it means that you have a valid login to the extranet.

If that is so, then why you cannot access it? If it is disabled, then how can you access the forum?

It's pretty hard to figure this out without seeing everything first hand.

I'm doing hotelier consultancy, especially the technical part is where I excel. If you want to get this solved, drop me an e-mail at and let's chat about what can be done.

Hope that this gets settled,

Zsolt -