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can I get a verification code as a test

I just signed up my apartment for in Belize.  For some reason my email is not working and I am not receiving my verification code.  Can you text me the verification code?  Thank you.  Betsy Sargent

cell phone number  ***

Betsy Sargent 2 years ago

I do receive all of the other emails from   

I do not have my junk mail set up yet, so if it is going to junk mail I can't give you verification and therefore I can't sign up for  Again, if you could text me that would be better.


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Welcome Betsy


To the Partner Community, and not the BdC Support & Finance Team.


I am assuming you are actually referring to the Location Verification process.



Your first steps with




Kind Regards

Phil Higley 2 years ago

Hi Betsy

I am in exactly the same position. All property details registered with even built up a 100% rating) however looks like i won't be able to go live until i teceive the verification code delivered to the property in Cyprus. This is unlikely to happen due to the hit & miss postsl service so i am hoping there is an alternative way. Luckily i advertise on Trip Advisor, Airbnb, Home Away (which i might add, in comparison to was a walk in the park.) Regards Phil.