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Can / should I ask a guest to remove their booking? BRAND NEW MEMBER

Hi there.

I've just made my establishment live in a coastal town that is very popular through summer. Essentially, summer accommodation is very hard to find and many establishments boost their prices by a large amount. The town swells 10x it's usual population so you can understand why.

My establishment hasn't been live for a day. I haven't figured it all out yet and thought I'd keep going with the listing tomorrow, however, I've just seen someone has booked out some of our accommodation through the Christmas break. 

I do not have many rooms in my establishment, and they have rented the best rooms throughout this period, which I realise now was a mistake. We usually would bump up the prices for certain rooms through summer but the winter rates stay the same to hopefully attract more guests?

Is there a way that I can cancel or ask for their understanding to remove their booking? Or am I pretty much screwed and have to wear the mistake?

Thanks in advance.

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi Amy,

Welcome to the community!

Sad to say, but probably the latter of the two. is super strict on cancelling bookings.. Even if you explain to them that you are quite new etc. Their promise to the public is once you book, it's confirmed.

Nothing stops you from contacting the client and hearing from them if they might want to reconsider, but just be careful about it as they can decide that you are misbehaving and report you to

Best of luck!