Can you add directions from a port?

Hello, I'm setting up my advert. I see a place to add directions from the airports but can you do this from a ferry port?

Thanks for reading.

Thuild - Your …

Dear Alison,

No, there are only airports that are shown and can be set up.

However you can add that info to your property description.

Good luck,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com


Thank you Zsolt

Thats a shame as all of our British clients sail, it would be nicer if on a designated tab rather than just in the text. Oh well.

Leandri Klopper

Hi Alison,

I've also thought that perhaps it would be nice if you can pick the Start point from where you want the directions to your property to start. Not everyone knows the airports, but we have a lot of landmarks that most people are familiar with that I would've liked to use. Also, most of my guests are from South-Africa (Where the property is located) and mostly drive from their homes to the property.

I supposed Booking.com is catering for the International guests who fly in.

My suggestion would be to let Booking.com know that that's a feature you would also like, they are very good at looking at the feedback and seeing if they can impliment new tools/features to honor the requests of the masses.

Hope this helps!