Can you help listing our property?

Hi, we're new on booking.com and have problems with listing our property in the right way. We are a b&b and have 4 rooms. We want to set 1 double room and 3 family rooms. We can't find the way to list the family rooms correctly, as in maximum occupancy. We can put 4 persons in the family rooms, children and/or adults. How can we sell and list these rooms correctly to 4 adults, or 2adults and 2 children, both with a different price as the breakfast is included? Thanks for your advice!!


Aaltje B.

Maybe it's not ideal, but you could set apart / list the double room separately?

I have searched in Q/A for you, but couldn't find a solution that is suitable for your situation that matches.

Fluff, do you have an idea, or anyone else experienced with this phenomenon?

Other than wait for forum-hosts to answer, I would ask BDC themselves what they would advise.

Login to the Extranet < Inbox < messages and create your question in there. Or contact your local BDC group / helpline.

Wish you a creative workable swift and efficient setup!

Or try to find a good channel manager. That helped me a lot.


Aaltje B.