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I have joined the booking one month ago..I paid my first invoice through my credit cart..In the meantime I had a rerservation. One day later i received a notification that the reservation has been cancelled from booking as the credit card details were not valid.. the payment was showing as payment in process.. I contacted my bank..the transaction has successfully gone through..I checked the payment in my booking account, it showed as PAID. But it also states that: the cancellation fee for this cancellation is 44 Eur ( which is the total amount of the reservation that the guest has made) Please advice what happened.. and who is gonna pay the cancellation fee to who?

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

This looks like an error Stela.

Call the finance team with all your records ready to scan or print if requested. They should be able to help you. This is not a normal problem.


Aaltje B.