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Cancellation of bookings in case of emergencies

Hello, as I am new to hosting I would like to understand better the No Cancellation Policy and how the portal works, before I start listing my properties. I have the following questions:

1.What happens if under some circumstances the apartment I am listing will not be available?( maintenance issues, emergencies etc).

2. Will there be a cancellation fee, and if yes how much is that fee exactly?

3. Who can I contact in case of any such emergency where cancellation would be a must?


Thank you, looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,


Leandri Klopper

Hey Raluca,

Cancellations from the property's side is a very big sore point for 

If you want to Cancel someone's booking because the apartment needs maintenance or because you already have someone in the apartment, sees this as a Double booking and will charge you for alternative accommodation for the guest. 

Plus you will pay commission for the original booking. So rather plan your maintenance far in advance and then make sure those dates are blocked on your calendar so that you don't get bookings. 

In regards to emergencies - There is a dedicated local nr that you can call. Go to your extranet - messages. On the right hand side of the screen will be the nr. 

Keep well.