Cancellation due to overbooking

I have just started to rent my flat to tourists and have been getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately I have had problems synching my calendars on various rental platforms and before I could manually make a change after I had a booking confirm on Airbnb, I received a booking for Booking.com on the same dates. 

How can I cancel the booking that I received on Booking.com?


Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

Welcome to the Booking.com thunderdome, it's a great feeling when the bookings start coming in!

Cancelling bookings made on Booking.com is quite a stretch. Check this thread: Can I cancel a reservation?

And in that thread you will see at the bottom it says Overbooking with a link, you can check that out also.

Basically, unless you can convince your guest to cancel the booking, you will be held liable to provide the guest with accommodation. That's the policy. It works really well when you finally have the hang of things (in the sense that every booking you receive will be guaranteed) but can bite you Hard if your calendars aren't syncing.

Best of luck!


im finding it difficult to block dates on the calendar....

a red dot means blocked is that correct

Leandri Klopper

Hey Paulacamp388 ,

Are you on Pulse or on a PC?

Can you maybe send a screenshot of the dates you've blocked? It should be red red yes. But mine doesn't show a red Dot as such. Depends on the build you have.


If the date are not available and mentioned as booked so how the system can booked twice?