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Cannot add wifi availability nor free parking space.

It doesnt show on my page that i provide wifi and free parking in a garage although i have selected those amenities as available.What should i do?
Thank you very much

Leandri Klopper

Good day,

Oo that's a bit strange. Did you change it on the correct page though? On the amenities page then it should show as a "facility" but with Wifi and parking you need to make sure it is added on the Property's policies page (don't know why).

Go to Property - Policies -> Wifi and parking

It will be there.

Let us know if it works?


Thank you so much Leandri, this was very helpful to me too. I will let you know if this works for me too.

M Adamopoulou

Hello! Ifloratos and welcome to the forum.

It probably doesnt show because you have to add them on both pages as amenities and as policies.

Thank God Leandri is here to help us all.



OK, so I added it to the policies area and so now it is showing up on my listing but not showing up on google search. I attached a screen shot where you can see that "Free Wi-Fi" is available at the Punta Duarte Garden Inn but not on my listing; Morrillo Beach Eco Resort.

I looked in amenities to see if I could choose wifi but I did not find it.

I hope that makes sense? Thank you kindly for your help.


M Adamopoulou

Cari go to amenities scroll down to media & technology than you will find hotspot that’s new definition for WiFi.
Good luck


Thank you SO much for the help on this M Adamopoulu! I really appreciate it!

Cristina Andreescu

Hi, I have the same problem but it seems it does not work for me.

I cannot find my property if i filter by "Free WiFi" or "Parking" but i can find it if I filter by anything else that is relevant. I think i made all the necesary changes:

Property - Policies - Internet and Parking

Property - Facilities & Services

Property - Room Amenities - Media & Technology - Mobile hotspot device - Yes

Here are some screenshots with the settings:

What should i do ? Did I miss something ?