Cannot believe this of Booking.com

In short...I find this unbelievable practice.
Received a (rare) booking via this site (for some reason we get sooo many on that other well known air one).
Guest cancelled with 4 days to go...no problem.
I asked her if she would mind telling me why..she kindly informed me that Booking.com had sent her an email based on her initial search of a nearby town (at the time unavailable) and that there were now vacancies there.
Guess what...because of the email she cancelled with us and re-booked elsewhere !
I am pretty speechless that Booking.com do this.

We are leaving the site tomorrow ! Kind regards all....Simon and Jenny

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Can Brooke please tell us if this is something Booking.com does

2 years ago

That is why you have a cancelation policy which you can set almost as you like... It's just your fault and noone elses.
P.S. Also does Air.. they send you an email with suggestions, if you were searching for areas.. Its just a "forced" marketing and nothing else..

2 years ago
Corinne Orde

Simon and Jenny need to use a bit of imagination and see it from the point of view of the disappointed booker who is told she can stay in her preferred choice of place after all. Are we to believe that if they had booked somewhere sub-optimal, they would ignore an alert from Booking.com about a newly vacant first choice, because they wouldn't want to disappoint the hosts of the place they'd had to settle for?

2 years ago