Can't add the information in the section " how to get to your location"


Can't add the information in the section " how to get to our location" from the airport. The message with error appears. 

Leandri Klopper

Hey Artem, 

Sorry to hear about your technical issues. Did you try using another browser? Sometimes that helps.

Otherwise take a screenshot and post it here so we can see if we know it. 

Keep well. 

Artem Maltsev

Hi Leandri! 

Yes, I tried Safari as well as Chrome but the same message with an error appears. Translation from Russian 'Unfortunately we can't add your route. Please retry later'.Error with adding information to the section 'how to get to your location'

Leandri Klopper

Hello again,

Thanks for the screenshot. Yeah that is not an error on your side, that is an error on Booking.com side. So you need to send that screenshot to them, they do work fast though. 

Go to Inbox -> Booking.com messages. Compose a message -> Topic: accounts. 

Tell them the error has been showing for quite some time so "retrying later" hasn't worked and attach that screenshot. Their technical support team will sort you out quick like.

Let us know how it goes