Cant find my property

I. Successfully registered my property today and recieved confirmation how I would like to view the listing and edit some of the details.  I cannot find the page my property is on I keep seeing snap shots of the listing.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Sandra and welcome to the Partner Community.

Please edit your Community profile...add a photo...add your property link so partners can search your property.

Have you opened all your rooms??

Make sure your room status is not set to 0.

Have a look at your restrictions. If you have a restriction in stats and you are searching for less days your property will not show...

Wish you a great start.

M Adamopoulou

You are welcome Sandra...

Hope you find the solution the soonest.

Dont forget to add your property link.

Stay safe.

Sandra Mcintosh

Is it true that it takes 25days for your property to go live whilst booking.com send a PIN number to the address as a way of verifying the address is correct.