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Can't get a verification code for our property in Cuba

We have a property in Havana, Cuba and we are trying for more than 2 months to get a verification code in order to start working with booking.

Unfortunately, the letters never arrived, we send emails and asked for an alternative method, but no one has responds... we called Booking offices in Israel, Mexico and the US but know one can give us a solution. we are just getting a response that someone from Cuba should contact us, but we are waiting for 2 months for it to happen. 

Is anyone has the contact details of the Cuban office?

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BrookAve 2 years ago

Hi Bar,

When you spoke to BDC support in those regions did they not give you a contact info for your country or region? Is there actually a cuban office at all?

Would adivse you contact the partner community manager on here and ask them to escalade this for you


Kind Regards



Robert 2 years ago

Same here, I have a property in the Dominican Republic.   But no real snail mail service in the DR.   And I had no idea that when setting up the address that the snail mail notification was going to be required.   I just signed up with BDC.   So I guess I'll start sending messages to them now.     


All kind of strange.   When they went after the smaller listing market that they didn't really think it through.