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Cant login, app says "network connection lost, try again later"

ScreenshotHi, already the 2nd day I cant use my andoid app. Firts my Pulse app said, session expired, please login again, but when I did it, no way I couldnt do it. All the time I got that "network connection lost, please try again later".

Pulse app is up to date (vers. 18.4), I cleaned all app memory in phone settings; I deleted the app and installed it again; I googled the similar problem, but nothing.

Phone Huawei Mate pro 20, v.

I have access to my account via PC

Help needed!



that is not an app error, thats a wifi and or mobile network issue.

Andres Rootsi

Its not wifi or network issue, as my wifi is 5G, with 100/100 speed and all the other apps workig perfectly.

I belive that somehow phone is blocking the app, but how, dont know.

here's video too:

Philip Secker

OK the issue for us was a router-based ad blocker (pi hole). Either whitelist the app (somehow) or turn off WiFi and bypass the blocker.