Can't match room designations to our rooms!

We are trying to fill in all details for our three room types but the names Booking.com has chosen do not meet any of our three which are: Apartment Ensuite Standard 2 bdrm, Apartment Ensuite Premium 2 bdrm, and Apartment Ensuite Deluxe Premium      Booking.com has Deluxe Apartment, Superior Apartment, and Standard Apartment. We are assuming that the Standard is the Standard, the Deluxe is Deluxe, and then the Superior must be the Premium but how do we know that for sure to assign the number of rooms?

M Adamopoulou

Hello! Riverviewbethel and welcome to the forum.

Why dont you call your local booking.com office and ask for their support. I am sure the support team wll help you the best.

Good luck and take care...