Can't open https://www.booking.com/hotelaccess and make my

I've received a message from booking.com , that I can open my object for booking on the website, and to make this - I should go to the page https://www.booking.com/hotelaccess and activate my object.  When I try to open this page the site asks my login and password. After loging in the site throws me to the main page. When I try to go the page https://www.booking.com/hotelaccess the story repeats. I don't know what to do, it looks like bag on the site. How can I turn the possibility to work?

Анатолий Абаджан

Thank you, I know that this is the partners forum, but in my cabinet it shows that I can ask advice here, may be someone had the same situation.


You could be waiting a very long time for a person with same problem to read the post. Quicker to contact help team and they should be able to help