Can't see the rates options during booking my property


what shall I do to see the rates option during booking my property?

I set up the standard (flexible before 60days) and non-refundable (-10%) rates.

I can see them both in my calendar.

But when I try to book the property I see only one rate - the non-refundable one! 

Please, help me to make both the rates visible!

Thank you

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Maria and welcome to the Partner Community.

Have you added Policies for both rates???

If you cannot fix it, try to call your BDC local office to assist you.

Wish you luck.

Maria Shuliak

 Good evening!

Thank you :)

Yes, I have added Policies for both rates, but still, nothing ( only the non-refundable rate is displayed during the booking.



M Adamopoulou


I think it might have to do with your restrictions...

Have in mind that since your non-refundable rates are less than your basic rates they are the ones that are listed first.

Please add your listing in your profile so can Partners have a look at your property and give you advice...

If you cannot fix it maybe you should try and call your local BDC office and as them to check your listing.

Keep well.




Hi Maria S.,


In Calendar , List view, then tick the boxes for Promotions and Restrictions.


Are the rates for the dates and inventory null or blank?


Like Maria A. said please provide link to the property and better yet attach it your profile. See my signature below for How-To Guide.


I noticed you said you created the Flexible Rate first as the base Rate and then the Non Refundable Rate is then 10% cheaper.


Is the Non Refundable Rate Plan actually linked to the Flexible rate or independently created , not linked.

If not as I suspect you need to update the rates in the List View from null or blank to an amount for the two rates to appear on the search results.














Kind Regards



Consider linking your Property link into your partner profile as it helps other partners assist you, especially when starting out .


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For more general info you can contact one of our main lines for help.


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Maria Shuliak

Thank you so much for your help!

Booking.com operator had contacted me and we solved the case.


Thank you!

Community Admin

Dear Maria Shuliak thank you for sharing your post!

The reason why you see just the Not Refundable policy, while you are searching your property is because you might be looking at dates where check in comes in less than 60 days from the moment you are checking the web page.

By reading your post we can see that you set up two cancellation policies where the general one, allows guest to cancel free of charge just 60 days before the check in date. So, if you are looking at i.e. from 03.03.20 to 06.03.20 they system will recognize that this guest can't cancel free of charge, therefore it will show just a Not Refundable option and most likely the cheaper one. 

If i.e. you make a search from 01.06.20 to 05.06.20, the system will instead understand that we don't have yet 60 days before the check in, so it will show to the guest both cancellation options.

We hope it was clear :) 

Maria Shuliak

Thank you!

Ms.Magdaleni called me in the morning and fixed the settings.


M Adamopoulou

Thanks Community Admin...

Now I remember....For me it’s understandable because long time ago I had similar issue...my Athens BDC support team was kind enough to explain it to me over and over again many times....it took me a while  to understand how the system works...


Maria Shuliak

Yes, I see...

Thank you though for your help and fast response!

You are and the support team are so helpful.

I'm amazed and inspired! )

Thanks again