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Can't seem to find my listed property

Hi I just listed my property today. After I finish all the filling and uploading images, I can't seem to find my property on the list. my property name is Reyna Angelina Deluxe Studio. theres a link that was supposed to redirect me to the page, but it only show other properties.


Hi Ana,


Are you logged into the ? On top right there is 2-3 circle buttons, the second or middle one should be the 'My Property'.

Click on that, then the small overlay should show property name, ID, then a link 'View My Property'  you can right click it and Open In iother Tab or window' Depending on how newly listed it could just simply be in processing.

Alternatively using the 'contact us' ion the footer of this page or the pulse app help aka extranet , find your local phone number of BDC and speak to an advsor on phone to confirm it is actually live.

Note: this is the partner forum and not monitored by the BDC support team. REPlies are typically from the partner community manager and or other partners and their experiences so as to help or advise


Kind Regards

M Adamopoulou

Dear Ana, probably your listing needs to be verified before it goes live...

Wish you a great start and welcome on board.

Norova Sarvinoz

Just wait,when I did the same things,I received a letter that said my property open to reservation after a day