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Capacity and availability

Hello everyone!

I've just posted a property on two days ago. I've done all the steps, but it still says that the capacity is 1, even I put that capacity is 2. In addition, I synced my calendar with the Airbnb's one, but no matter what dates I choose it says that the property is sold out. Also, I cannot find it in the map on nor when I search for an accommodation in my area. Does anyone know if it takes then a few days to post/verify the property?



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Hello. We have same problem, we can´t change rooms capacity. We made changes in property layout, we change rooms capacity, but on there are different numbers. How to fix the problem?


25 days ago
Majda Ceric

I wrote to and they've changed it.

They are pretty helpful, I would say.. and answer quickly!

24 days ago