cash payment- did not pay

hello, were new to booking.com
I just had a guest for a few days at my new apartment listing.
Apparently we're on cash payments only and I did not recieve any money from guest, which i havent seen. the amartment is automated so a cleaner cleans between guests.

how do i get paid? its a 3 day booking of 500$ worth


I also have the same issue but nothing was done. booking.com can only remove the commission for that guest, so for your lose, you will just feel sorry. We also had a guest that ruins the TV, breaks our remote and really trash the unit and I complained, nothing was done. they said they will removed the commission, didn't even happened, i even need to chase them for it... airbnb is better when it comes to claims, if the guest really refuse to pay, they will cover your loses. with booking.com, nada...


Cash payments only means that you handle all the payments directly with the guest. Meaning the guest must pay to you. Booking.com collects money from the guest only if you activated "Payments by Booking.com" or "Online payments by Booking.com".


Yes thanks for the answers, I was just informed by Booking.com that its my fault and I can go look for my friends for all they care..
Air bnb is much better in that manner.

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ONLY get booking with Credit cart details ans CVC cone

Sign up to a Card reader, different company, I use Izettle, and SumUp.

And I never lose money, even if people no show, get full paid.

To let Booking.com collect payment get fewer booking, and cost 3%..

I do not understand how to run a business without a pay system,

Its a part of setting up a healthy business.

Good luck


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