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HELP!!!  My listing is now Iive and 6 people can pay for the price of 2 - there is zero support or answers for this option online, I have done everything i can to change it but it is not an option and I cannot find the number anywhere to call support. 

Can anyone help? I don't want to be cancelling bookings because the rates are incorrect. 

Thanks in advance

Gracepsoriano16 4 years ago

Hello Rebecca,

Tried to figure the same thing out and here's what I discovered.

1.Go to Calendar and Pricing

2. Choose the Dates you want the Base Rates to be changed

3. On PRICE, input your preferred Base Rate, and click SAVE.

4. For multiple guests, scroll down the page and you will see this.

5. Click on Edit and you will be routed to this page where you can put some discounts if there are less than the required number of guests. Click Save Changes.

6. Proceed to check your Listed Property on to see if everything was applied correctly.

Hope it helps! More booking to all of us...

Grace :)

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Eugenevdm 4 years ago

Do you seriously have to do this month by month??

Is there no way to change the base rate for all future bookings?

Nuella Villa 4 years ago

Click on "advance date selection" select the start date as you most recent available date.

Select "No end date" and you should see all dates highlighted on screen.

Change the rate and hit "SAVE"

And poof you are done.

This will adjust any future dates you may have already adjusted so be sure to make those changes again.

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Eugenevdm 3 years ago

I don't find the "advance date selection" box.

I don't find "Calendar and Pricing".

I find Rates and Availability, Calendar

I find Edit Base Rate

It forces me to enter the end date. I cannot select no end date.

Pietropirrone 3 years ago

I need to change the occupancy for base price? how can I do?

Pietropirrone 3 years ago

I want change the standard rare for 8 people not for 6.....

Konstantinos Rotas 2 years ago

I had the same problem! This is the way it worked for me:

*Go to Property Layout and change the Standard occupancy to 8 people instead of 6 and the standard rate will now be for 8 people instead of 6.