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Change location

Hi everyone 

i just joined and am struggling to change the location of my property. It states under the picture Galway but we are in Clifden? Also the room layout regards beds I need to change from one single to a double and single 🙄

if anyone can help I’d appreciate it! Thank you 

Leandri Klopper


Hope you are well.

You can change the beds under Property -> Room details. If you click on Edit on the room then you can specify the bed sizes. 

Sadly when it comes to location, you need to ensure your Google location is correct with Google and then you need to contact to amend it. (This advise is just based on what I have read on the forum, I don't have the experience myself). Maybe search the forum for a better thread with more details about this.

Best of luck!

Maeve Ryan

Thank you Leandri 

i appreciate your reply, I find the description also is not what I want it’s defaults to what facilities you have ? 

It’s definitely not the most user friendly website 

do you know how I could change the description 

thank you so much