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Change my price

Dear Friends,

I had a guest book to stay at our Harbour View Apartment.

The number of people were 1) Mr *** 2) Mrs *** 3) Baby ***  4) Baby sitter.

Mr *** booked two units x 2 bedroom units at K2,700 for th stay.

We realised that thay did not need two whole units, so we gave the 1 x three bedroom unit at K1,650.00

Now I don't know how to change the price from K2,700 to K1,650.00

Would appreciate your help



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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Cecila,


Reminder as per the Forum Guidelines not to share names, reservation numbers, etc.. as this is viewed by partners and those external to BdC with access. 


Basically nothing that detailed as we  fellow partners do not need to know it.


Moderator will remove them and replace with ***.…



As a partner I would reach out to Support phone number first then finance dept if  the latter cannot do anything.


As you have not mentioned what the payment method is , hard to say other than notify BdC and they might  decide on phone call to reissue a new VCC for 1650.


If not using VCC and its prepaid via BdC, and you are on the Payments By BdC programme, similiar should apply, just inform them and they will adjust it and then payout when the new period is due.




Kind Regards



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Cecilia Pepson 2 years ago

Thank you very much,

I think I have sorted the problem out.

Best regards