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Change room name

We see other hotels are using customized room type name, but we cannot. The room type names that customer can see caused a lot of confusion to us and customers. How can we add our cusotmized room name? Thank you.

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You need to go to the portal and select property then property layout (see screenshot below):

5 months ago

Hi Jay

Thank you for your reply.

Due to our property type, we are not able to use property layout but room details only. In room details, we are only allow to select certain types of room.. Sad..

5 months ago

I agree it is sad that we are one of three hotels in our little town and other hotels are able to designate in their room names which rooms are pet friendly and I am not able to do that. So I have now had to change my to not allow pets at all because we have far to many people showing up with pets for non pet friendly rooms. Because of this we are debating to stop using

3 months ago

Quoting Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush

" Don't give up, 'cause you still have friends"

If there is no appropriate room type name in the drop down list you can request a custom one. It's possible you may need to compromise a little to fit the BDC format but essentially possible. Don't take the usual "no" first answer from BDC, push a little harder...

3 months ago