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change room type name and add new room type name

 Dear Team,


-Change room type name of Kamala resort and spa from studio to Studio with Bathtub.

-Add new room type name is room type name Studio with Kitchen detail as same as Studio with bathub.

- Make sure  Studio with Bathtub apply amentie in room is bathtube.

-Make sure Studio with Kitchen not have bathtube and apply kittchen.

-Rate plan with Studio with Kitchen is same Studio with Bathtub.



Anthurium Apartment

Dear Patner,

sometimes, i feel like changing the apartment to a Shared Facility-----reason,sometimes i have one guest in an apartment with 2 rooms,1 bathroom,1 kitchen,and other persons need space,What do you think?

M Adamopoulou

Hi Kid-Tsabphuket and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately you have to send a message to through your extranet and inform them the changes you request. Mostly it takes up to seven days to see the changes appear in your listing.