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channel manager

 hi all

we started letting out our holiday cottage in March 2018 with AirBNB and so far it's fantastic, almost fully booked since opening. Our cottage is in Calderdale in West Yorkshire, a place where nobody comes expecting good weather, so we are hoping for year round bookings. That said we are aware that bookings will slow down in Autumn and Winter, so we decided to look at listing on as well as AirBNB.

Unfortunately the in built syncing software isn't realtime (I understand it's iCal and has a 4 hour delay, totally useless) and the guys in the Manchester office were suggesting using a third party channel manager. Apparently there are over 500 of these and the costs vary massively.

So I'm looking for recommendations, in your experiences, which is the best? First and foremost it must be reliable. Ideally it will also be easy to use, flexible (if we decide to list on other websites in the future) and reasonably priced.

I look forward to hearing your recommendations.

best regards

Jill and Matt



Hi! I had the same problems sycronizig calendars of my listings, and I ended up using Nuevah, it's a PMS and channel manager, it also has a mobile version so that comes in handy. I like it more than other ones that i tested because it's super intuitive and I added my apartments on more channels now (it syncs with the main ones like booking, airbnb, expedia, agoda, but also other ones). It works very well for me! hope this helps you, Eloy


Hi Jill,

In most cases all of the channel managers are nearly the same. There is a lot of value-added features you might be interested in and of course they affects the price too.

We are running two small properties so the monthly fee is important for us that's why we choose Effective Tours channel manager for us, cause it's only 1$ per unit per month.

Will be happy to help if you need it.