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Channel manager experience

Hello everyone, 

My name is Virginia and I am new to

Is anybody using:

Staah Instant Channel Manager

If not, can anybody recommend an reliable and fast syncing channel manager?

What about pricing? I had a bad experience with one of those companies, but still need help to price my apartments competitively. Any help or suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks!

Aaltje B.

Can you mention where you come from, please, so people can respond from your country?

Virginia, you are on the right track. Most welcome to the group and hope you get things sorted.

What is your property like? And are you the manager?

I have Staah included in the channel manager, but it is not me personally handling the details. This is what the channel manager does on my behalf. That is why I didn't have any problems so far, since he solved them on my behalf.

Keep us updated about your progress, Virginia. Thank you :)

All the best with your new adventure and wishing you wonderful guests!


Aaltje B.


Good morning Aaltje,

Happy Monday to everyone.

My apologies for not saying more about myself.

I have owned and managed for the last 22 years (I cannot believe where the time went) a small vacation resort with 8 properties on the west coast of Florida. My property is located on Siesta Key which was voted to #1 beach in the US nation. I guess I picked a great spot to start a beautiful journey. I am also lucky that I can rent my apartments on a daily basis, so I have quick turn-around's. Here is where I need help: I need a reliable company that helps me to synchronize and channel my properties to make my life easier :)

Also, I have started my own rental management and have a total of 15 properties - and hopefully still growing. I would love to find investors who need my service to manage their short term rentals. This is a job I am really good at! I love what I do. Any suggestions to either of my questions?

Thank you in advance.



Hi Virginia!

Correct me if I'm wrong, you are managing 15 properties which are condos/apartments, or it's a small-hotels with rooms ?

Which OTA you are looking for to operate via channel manager ?