Channel manager Freetobook

Hi guys,

just joined and looking abit of help.

I am using Freetobook as my channel manager and I have uploaded all my rates, closed dates and booked dates into it.

I then logged in to my booking.com account and it doesn't appear to have updated my calendar or rates. then says on my admin page my dates are still closed/not bookable???

However i can search and find my property and can book dates ok.

I got my first booking an hour ago (  which is fantastic:-) ) but just confused as to my my calendar has not updated???

Many thanks


Aaltje B.

Sea View Newcastle

It may take a few hours and sometimes more for programs to "connect". And I know they shouldn't.

Ask your channel manager if this sounds familiar to him, or that something is forgotten. Otherwise, I would check with BDC help team. Contact via the home tab for phone. Or via inbox to drop a message.

Hope it's sorted soon since you don't want double bookings.

Good luck!


Aaltje B.