a channel manager for small properties

Hi, having 3 holiday units, and with 2 of them with 2 configerations available, ie 2 bedroom 1 bathroom and 3 bedroom 2 bathroom and using airbnb, homeaway and now booking.com, i would like to find a channel manager that is available to small operators to update pricing, length of stays etc from one place.

Availablity is managed easily through google calendar that syncs with all the websites and updates.


I have looked at a couple, but they do not sync with airbnb and homeaway which are our main suppliers. 



JC Stays

I’m interested to know too. Something affordable would be great. At the moment using a combination of a pricing manager and property management software but still quite a bit of work.


We are using Effective Tours channel manager. They charge 1$ per unit per month. So in case if you have 1 whole unit + 2 units with 2 different configuration (2x2) it comes to 5 units in total. It means 5$ per month for all available OTA.