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channel manger recommendation

hi any recommendation for channel manger for 20 room boutique hotel 

Optmize Vacations

Hello !

Ultimately, a cannel manager is the only way to tap into the potential of the virtually endless online booking market. A channel manager allows you to distribute the rooms that you have available across a variety of different channels, providing you with an opportunity to reach a global audience.

For a 20 room property in your area you need to first look in to following

How many OTAs you are tied up with ?

If you are not on more then 2 or 3 OTA's then I would advice you to manage it manually and by syncing your calendars. Because its an additional cost.

However if you are present and visible on more OTA's then Staah , Ezeecentrix, Netpax, Reseliva are good option.

Hope it was helpful.



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