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ho registrato la mia casa vacanze e se entro in booking come cliente, ,mi dice che la mia struttura è per soli adulti e che i bimbi non saprebbero dove dormire. Io nelle impostazioni  ho inserito 2 adulti e 3 bambini. Max 5 persone. come posso fare per non far risultare quella sconveniente frase? Grazie. Milena

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Sonzogni Milena


Welcome to the English Only Partner Community.

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  • Make the effort and we will to, well some of us do at least.


How-To properly configure a Room Type in Extranet to be inclusive of children.


  1. Open Extranet > Property Room Details
  2. Click + to Add Room Type or edit existing
  3. Add both a standard and alternative setup, where the alternative setup allows for an additional single bed .
  4. Now in the occupancy area set as default 2, and 3 for ALT.
  5. Optionally add the policy for children , free or charge based on age over X. etc.
  6. Now when some one searches they should be able to set both setups for that room type.


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