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Hello everybody,

I am new in the business and on I have a guesthouse with 5 rooms. I would like to start to put 3 of them available for the business. 


I go on the calendar page in my extranet account. I see a calendar with the availability of the rooms. So far, I see only two rooms : room 4 and room 5. If I take room 5, I look at the "rooms to sell" line, I see that I can select 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. It may sound a bit dumb, but I don't understand how, let's say, 4 rooms can be available on a precise day for room 5, for instance. Do you see what I mean ? 

Thanks for your cooperation and clarifications. 

Villa Asimba


Either all 5 are of same type with count of 5 or you need to each one as it's own room