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Cleaning fee, deposit, city taxes

I'd like to add an $85/stay cleaning fee, $300 damage deposit to my listing's reservations.  How is that set up?

Also, are occupancy taxes collected on my behalf and paid to City of Los Angeles, as they are with Airbnb? Thanks! Eric

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Hi Eric Allen


  • 85USD per day ? That is a typo right you meant Per Stay/Booking right?  
  • Deposit needs to be collected directly or via a 3rd party service. You can incorporate that mandatory first action into your Auto Messages for the First AutoMessage the  guest receives when they book. example "This booking is not complete until the deposit is prepaid.  Booking is voided and cancelled after 48 hours if no action taken.  
  • Occupancy Tax - is that really a thing?.  In this case unless your region version of the Extranet shows it under Property > VAT/Tax/Charges. you will have to collect directly from guest. Typically any such charges would be up to you or your accountant to write off in your Tax returns.


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PS: Friendly Reminder : Add the missing property listing link into your Partner Profile, thanks


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