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Closing for quality control

Good Morning everyone! 

Booking has colosed our apartments for quality control purposes for 10 days without given us a notice or informing us about it. 

When i try to contact someone for help they wouldnt give me any reply but say that they will contact me.

Is it even legal to close accomodations like this? Does booking have written justification for such action?


Would appreciate any kind of information regarding this matter. Thank you! 




Sounds like you spoke to  BDC today, and just have to give them time to review and comeback to you, wait until Monday and then call again for an update, is my suggestion.


Kind Regards

Daryna Prodius


Dear Partner


Thank you for your reply.


First, the link you sent has nothing to do with our problem. Location verification stage we passed 2 weeks ago and we were waiting patiently 2 weeks for the code ( which btw never came and we had to verify per Whatsapp with a video call).

Second, I was not able to find any legal information about “closing for quality control” policy. I do not want to jump into conclusions about the fact that booking is sabotaging new customers for their own good. That is why If no one can give me a proper information about closing our accommodations I will have to take some other steps regarding this unfair treatment.


Best regards,