complete my registration email and place not showing

hello everyone im new an im start put my place on booking and i copmleted everthing and my place in the admin panel shows (open/bookable) but i keep getting emails about to complete my registration and also i looked up my place incognito mode its not showing at all in the booking.com ?

can any help me please 




See your own property via top right circle menus

It's the second menu, then click on visit my property

Also open bookable is not enough.


You should goto Rates & Avail menu, calendar, switch to list view.


Check each room values for inventory is 1 or 0 for example.


Is there a rate plan linked to it.


Is there a day cost set for each date versus rate plan



Kind regards


mohammed salim

Hi Barry,, thanks for reply

yes i checked on calendar 

values is 1 and says bookable 

attached piccalendar pic