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confirm location code

How to get confirmation location code?

Ilaria - Commu…
3 years ago

Hi Annie Wang688 ,

Welcome to the Partner Forum!

Check out this article on the Partner Help Centre on How to verify your location online.

As soon as you get your verification letter, you'll just have to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Extranet and click the Home tab.
  2. Under Your code, enter the code provided in the location verification letter.
  3. Click Verify property (or Confirm my location).
  4. If your hasn't already gone live, click Open for bookings (or Publish my property)

Take care, you're almost there!


Lediona Mere 2 months ago


Please can you help where can I find *Open for booking* or Publish my property? I entered the code but my property os still closed/not bookable


Thank you

Elena Suila 2 months ago

Hello! There is no " Your code". I have empty page. Send me please form what I need to fill.

Kangbarzola89 3 years ago

the code send to my hotel or by mail?

My count is not bookable because a dont hace the code.

Helpme Please

Ricardo Nuncio 2 years ago

I have the same issue. I can't confirm the location of my property because I didn't receive the code by mail. How can I verify it? Please help!

Asadhulla Rasheed 11 months ago

i also have same issue , it says verify location , i did not get any mail or letter that have code of location , please help me to get live 

Mo Mwatumu 8 months ago

Hi there, I have this issue too. It says I have to wait 10 days for verification. 

Did you come right with yours?

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imtiyaz Ahmad khuroo 7 months ago

I have same problem i can not receive the code through mail how i verify my property location 


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Janita - Accou… 6 months ago

Hi Imtiyaz, 

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles getting your new property verified. The available options to verify new properties differs by country, have you asked the support team for alternative options, if you are unable to receive a verification code? There is currently a backlog with the verification team, but officially requesting a verification call/video call so that you are in the queue would be beneficial. Apologies for the delays here, but the partner support team are the best point of contact to manage this. 

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Susanne 6 months ago

Hello, same problem here, no possibility to get a verification code, nore is it possible to chat with anyone. There is info about "contact 24/7" but no way, chat - dead zone, email-dead zone, e-mails in my inbox only no-reply mails. so what can one do to register???

Helen Michael 4 months ago

I have already sent one video to verify my property

Please send letter URGENTLY to 21 Yorkley road, Cheltenham GL52 5FP.  Helen Michael