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I do not to get pin code , I dont know how to solve until now.

I cannot change address on my property as well.

why dont send pin code to my email address?


นงค์นุช รุจิประสาร

Confirm your location

We need to confirm the location of your place because we want to create a safe and secure website for everyone. We sent you a unique code by mail on Aug 16, 2019.

Your letter should arrive by: Sept 5, 2019  

But I have tried to get calling but it is still not responsible.

what 's wrong?


Hi Nongnuch,

Where in Thailand are you? If Phuket, forget the local office as they are as responsive as a corpse! Use Bangkok instead, or the internal messaging system in extranet.

As your code is confirmed to arrive soon I suggest you wait for that.