Confirmation propery Code

Hi i havent receive confirmation code for my property Devin Brand new COSY Apartment.The code was sent on the 23.02.2019 and still not here so far.I reported that today and i want you to give me and advice what we can do.Is it possible to send it on other location?Other wise send it again please and i want to know from which agency Post or other to expect it .Thanks

Aaltje B.

Hi Yordan.

Welcome to the forum.

Hm...that looks like a long time, but....it also looks like there are many others who have the same idea to start hosting, and they all have to be ferified etc.

But, just send your request again, and ask politely if they have forgotten about you, or if this is normal procedure in Spring?

Hope you get it sorted, login via the Extranet of BDC and look for the Inbox tab, then Message to BDC and then you write your question / request.

Hope you'll find it OK.


Aaltje B.