Confirmed or not confirmed bookings

Hi I'm new to booking.com having just worked - very happily - with Airbnb.  I  have three bookings showing on my calendar which is linked to my Airbnb calendar. Just now I had a mail announcing that I had a new booking via Booking.com but having looked at the booking I can see its one of the three I already had.  Whats going on here? is it that the bookings I have are not confirmed ? 






Aaltje B.

Hi John, Welcome to the forum

I would contact the person via the reservation tab (email within) and write to ask the booker what his plans are.

BDC guests can book several units and in the end, choose to go with only one. So don't be surprised if that is the case.

Second: It would be good in your situation if people can pay partially at the time of booking so they don't cancel as easily. (Ask via Extranet login and Inbox < Message how that works for you in your country.

I work with a channel manager, and I can confirm within that system when someone books.

But to be sure about the guests, I would try to contact them.

Wishing you a good setup and great guests,


Aaltje B.